We work best with leaders within startups, community development organizations, colleges and universities, and urban/local governments. They work with us because we are:

Explorers of The New Weird

taking clients with us on a journey through the wilds of climate breakdown, ghost kitchens, autonomous vehicles, sustainable community development, circular economics, artificial intelligence, Augmented reality, mycelial construction and more. We draw the line, however, at “flying cars.”

Advisors to leaders

looking to the futures to create greater organizational resilience, impact and success. Come with us if you want your community or business to live.

Clever and vicious Red Teamers…

who can help you to anticipate potential negative impacts of a service or product, allowing you to Fix the Future before it gets here. Think of it as de-risking your offering portfolio, futurist-style.

Researchers, speakers and teachers…

who share hard-won knowledge of possible futures and current trends, working with you to better understand strategic areas of high impact to your organization or business, sharing the harrowing tales of futures we’ve explored and building capacity within your team(s) to take those lessons and run with them.

This is who we are.

This is what we do.

For more information on how we can help you and your team anticipate the future and achieve greater impact, contact us at chris [AT] refuturing [DOT] com.